Sunday, 30 December 2007

Killing Time

We turn to compulsions

To fill an immense void

We fill it with fallow soil

And watch as seasons

Shrivel and swell

We stay and we watch

And wait for something

To grow



I just found this in draft from a while ago in November. Not a wonder filled poem, just some words from the land of loss. I was inspired by some imbecile who writes apple pie poetry and says that we shouldn't cry when our loved ones pass, because apparently they really aren't gone at all!! Yes, apparently, they are still with us, and near - as our angels, apparently they are in the rainbows and butterflies and the pollen on our noses.. well when i look around dufus, i don't see my dad anywhere and i doubt i will anytime soon .. stupid fucktard poets who write candy floss Crap.. Capital C

You set the butterflies free into my night

Trying to make me feel better about my loss

You won me over with the butterflies

But I know he lives among the bees

(G)littering me with an army of words

No longer do we sit in the familiar chairs

Partaking in our morning tea ritual

Your sickly sweet candy is on the roadside poet

Your gasps and bleats cannot fill this cavern

Please don’t cry, it makes me uneasy

For my memories are forever young

And the ache in my heart is my master

And I am led once again to the old green chair

Far away from you and your apple pie smile


i miss you, a lot

Monday, 24 December 2007

Little Glitters

The exit was young, the entrance was old.
Three dark smiles clutch at shadows
in a land of new moon and whisper
heavy clouds are plummeting all over the place!

Time’s grace takes hold of a hand
that once held promise. Scores of balloons
released to navigate their way out from
the stings of haunting, from the need for air

When light forsook dusk, little glitters
lingered in the hearts of children

And what remains is a sparkle in the eye
of a child, who sees only trees in evergreen
and open roads, blind to folly; seizing faith
in wishes to bolster a colossal, jaded heart.

And dreams, timeless and tethered
lead them on.


Sunday, 16 December 2007

Close Your Eyes

In the middle

Of seventh heaven

And the deep blue sea

This is the defense

Of a hanging soul

A precarious

Tight rope walk

A drawn out night

Around a dying fire

Create the pain

And suffer in deserving

It’s a fading stage

Willing to change

It’s not enough

Under the burning sun

Everybody runs

Set us on fire!


sunrise of the soul

i'm not sure why, but this poem got 25 comments, Read of the Day and Andy's Sunrise of the Soul Award; strangely i feel proud of that, as i'm not big on awards and such. A big piece of the pieces of me in this poem i guess.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Double Boom

Take it away

away, take it

this is the pebble

the pebble in my shoe

there’s room for more

more madness and undone

trusts, more outrageous


driver, lose me before

I remember that I am lost

lost among the fishers of hate

yes, the night is young, carrions

and we have a party to (dis)grace

the almighty holder of stupors

has requested our attendance

we have shed our delayed skin

and our flesh doesn’t matter

any more, our spirit is

under the spell of chaos

and we have no baggage

don’t lick at me with a honey tongue

give me the resurrection sting of bees

maybe I’ll fall deeply in love

you may just be the last

take it away

away, take it


Friday, 23 November 2007

Love is a Losing Game, isn't it Amy

larger than life
a cold stone wall
she lights candles there
a vision in every wax drip
when you are through
with the lightning shows
and popcorn clouds
peer through the small crack
be witness to the death
of a candle

look into
the darkness
if you want to feel
the light
i was a flame for you
but you cut my wick
and poured wax
all over the gods
on the table

i couldn't believe it
even when i saw it
with my own two eyes, it
broke my heart, repeat (repeat)
it left me with
a cold clarity, it
held me tight and chained
me to the sentence of every day
it swam alongside me
with every stroke i made
it made me remember
the scent of you
it made me forget
i could dream
i can't remember your smiles
but at least i can still feel them...

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Soothe Refrain

in the rain down
i was Cinderella
no shoes, toes wriggling
dare darting from eyes
that have swam in chords
and wandered in song lines
I cannot lie
hung up, flung up
never hang up
pain is evident
in valleys of resignation
hearts under the covers
in the lining, in the far apart
to myself
breath bouncing off walls
we forgo the chaise
lover, splay your fingers
and I will fill the in between


Monday, 29 October 2007

A Tie-Die Chorus for Angels

‘Now’s a bad a time as any’

bound for checkmate

the envelope is sealed

monochrome eyes

unearth a pencil map

lay out on a midnight divan

velvet age, deception of self

the wind wants to carry you

roses in arms, silence for eyes

green mourns for you

in the coming of the fates

joy can’t touch this moon

it’s a melodious acceptance

no fear for the all too near

a weight in the wings

soul folded


Sunday, 14 October 2007


The whirlwind died down
a long time ago
the word is out
and we were shaken
let out the birds
let them come home
ask the sky a question
can you go higher?
can you stand under the stars
when the symphony ends?
can you open your blood
for the power of verity?
the silver cord reaches to all
and not just to yourself


Sunday, 7 October 2007

Little Miss Fickle

thank you thank you
your blessings
ignite my ego

your spotlight
brings my crimson
and soothes my need

i am addicted to strokes
but i fall apart if your head
does not turn

i have a solid mask
and have learned spite

i am ~yawn~ ever thankful
(i'll be with you in a minute)
and i bow and smile
to your raised glasses

but for your sin
i will ignore you
at the celebration party


Friday, 21 September 2007

Tug of War; and Ants

Pulling on a tug of war rope

my straight arms; ache

on and forward, I see the victory line

and beyond; the ground to be won

getting closer and closer

bare heels are all I have

a pair of 6 inch stilettos

lay on a picnic blanket

and the ants are marching, marching


Friday, 14 September 2007

Give me the keys to Creation

hello poem….

this is the poem I wrote

when I was trying to write

a poem; if it’s a poem at all

it’s got strength in it

and love, lust and affection

it’s got lush green trees

and red soil, it’s got

highways and field paths

and birds and nests

it’s got rain puddles

sun shiny queens

and a verandah with a rocking chair

I feel thunder

The one I wrote yesteryear

had secrets of sleuths

and foreign hotels

it had strings and biting off tags

and sins, rages, jealousy

it had speeding cars

and swinging lights

bitten nails and fear

it had torn down fences

and a trickle down a chilled glass


Saturday, 11 August 2007


In a tiny corner of shade

One blue daisy

Amid a bush of wilted dancers

Out in the hot sun

still connected.....


Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Sigh of the Pink Telephone

blah blah blah
i love to hear the sound
of my own voice
i'm so wise because
i gots kicked down so many times
and i'm gonna help you suckerr
by telling you all about my experience

ad nauseam

they may be a little skewed and swollen
but i will lick your face so the scent
of my pain will be near and you'll
never forget me because you know
i know everything there is about
what it's like to hurt, it's my calling
not many people do you know
i won't hear anything you say
at all because you are not important

i am

i will try try try oh so very hard
to not lie and leave a mess
to put on my clean dress
and try to be good
at hiding my agenda
i need face cleanser -- i need a new mirror
i need some new friends
i've left a trail of them behind


Monday, 30 July 2007


Eyes wide shut
i, bring to the table
tears and a bowed head
i do not know who
to pray to anymore
i'm tired of the ache in my throat
what's happening to me?
dizzy lizzy and her tilted world
i don't know how we get through
each day, i can't see through
blurry eyes
the end is near us my friends
i won't ask for help
i won't

~a little girl

Sunday, 29 July 2007

A Coin in her Mouth

burying copies of myself
i dig up bones
of a small girl
who used to build castles
out of twigs
poked into the ground


Monday, 23 July 2007

One Eye Open

Hey Missy Muse
where the hell are you?
i've been waiting up all night
your bed's unslept in

tossed, turned, one eye open

when you walk through
that door, i am going to
rummage through your bags
and see where you've been

and make you sit and tell
of all the worlds you seen

teach me

come on, come on, come on
cable is starting to bore me
and the world is trying to whore me

without further adieu

if you can hear me from here
bring me back some high art
a clean start

a benign heart


Saturday, 21 July 2007


I know the way, this way, your way
through the direction of your voice

your wind song rises to eat my sun
and i am wired to your yearnings

but the words i need to give you
fall away the closer i get, the more i listen

i cannot hear the waves anymore
i am a conduit of the pain you sing

in the dark recesses of the malady you serve
i cannot reach you, i cannot reach you

teach me


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Situation Vacant

Situation vacant
round and round
the mulberry bush
i chased a man
with twenty tails
led me right to the gate
of the nightmare trail
i sit around and chew
on memories, how you
spiked my drink
and fed me sweetened lies
your vanity
is the only thing i remember
about you, now
chew on your conquest whore
and don't bother coming round
no more, my sign is in

~you can call me Comet

Monday, 16 July 2007

To the God of Pain, by Sarojini Naidu

To the God of Pain

Unwilling priestess in thy cruel fane,

Long hast thou held me, pitiless god of Pain

Bound to thy worship by reluctant vows

My tired breast girt with suffering, and my brows

Anointed with perpetual weariness

Long have I borne thy service, through the stress

Of righteous years, sad days and slumberless nights

Performing thine inexorable rites.

For thy dark altars, balm nor milk nor rice,

But mine own soul thou’st ta’en for sacrifice;

All the rich honey of my youth’s desire,

And all the sweet oils from my crushed life drawn,

And all my flower-like dreams and gem-like fire

Of hopes up-leaping like the light of dawn.

I have no more to give, all that was mine

Is laid, a wrested tribute, at thy shrine;

Let me depart, for my whole soul is wrung,

And all my cheerless orisons are sung;

Let me depart, with faint limbs let me creep

To some dim shade and sink me down to sleep.

Sarojini Naidu


Whether i am a comet tail rider, or a sleeping satellite, the Universe is bigger than my view, but i am still here to tell of what little i see.