Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Situation Vacant

Situation vacant
round and round
the mulberry bush
i chased a man
with twenty tails
led me right to the gate
of the nightmare trail
i sit around and chew
on memories, how you
spiked my drink
and fed me sweetened lies
your vanity
is the only thing i remember
about you, now
chew on your conquest whore
and don't bother coming round
no more, my sign is in

~you can call me Comet


Underchilde said...

odd how we ride all these tails of ours around ... i wonder if we even know what we're doing sometimes...

i really enjoyed this ride, lily... keep sharing...

Lily said...

odd? it's just plain madness...
i saw it coming, i let it happen, i'm back at the start..

thanks for supporting me in my writing .. you're the BEST..