Monday, 23 July 2007

One Eye Open

Hey Missy Muse
where the hell are you?
i've been waiting up all night
your bed's unslept in

tossed, turned, one eye open

when you walk through
that door, i am going to
rummage through your bags
and see where you've been

and make you sit and tell
of all the worlds you seen

teach me

come on, come on, come on
cable is starting to bore me
and the world is trying to whore me

without further adieu

if you can hear me from here
bring me back some high art
a clean start

a benign heart



Anonymous said...

bring me back some high art...

lovely to read THIS while we wait on the muse =)

Lily said...

Missy Muse needs to buzz me when i'm awake.. not drifting off to sleep as she is want to do.. why does she always have to have things HER way? :)

appreciation for the read Childe..