Friday, 23 November 2007

Love is a Losing Game, isn't it Amy

larger than life
a cold stone wall
she lights candles there
a vision in every wax drip
when you are through
with the lightning shows
and popcorn clouds
peer through the small crack
be witness to the death
of a candle

look into
the darkness
if you want to feel
the light
i was a flame for you
but you cut my wick
and poured wax
all over the gods
on the table

i couldn't believe it
even when i saw it
with my own two eyes, it
broke my heart, repeat (repeat)
it left me with
a cold clarity, it
held me tight and chained
me to the sentence of every day
it swam alongside me
with every stroke i made
it made me remember
the scent of you
it made me forget
i could dream
i can't remember your smiles
but at least i can still feel them...

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