Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Sigh of the Pink Telephone

blah blah blah
i love to hear the sound
of my own voice
i'm so wise because
i gots kicked down so many times
and i'm gonna help you suckerr
by telling you all about my experience

ad nauseam

they may be a little skewed and swollen
but i will lick your face so the scent
of my pain will be near and you'll
never forget me because you know
i know everything there is about
what it's like to hurt, it's my calling
not many people do you know
i won't hear anything you say
at all because you are not important

i am

i will try try try oh so very hard
to not lie and leave a mess
to put on my clean dress
and try to be good
at hiding my agenda
i need face cleanser -- i need a new mirror
i need some new friends
i've left a trail of them behind



Anonymous said...

you do do this stuff well

nothing quite gets those artistic juices flowing like anger..

god knows i know...

enjoyed, lily...

Lily said...



that's how she makes me feel..