Sunday, 30 December 2007

Killing Time

We turn to compulsions

To fill an immense void

We fill it with fallow soil

And watch as seasons

Shrivel and swell

We stay and we watch

And wait for something

To grow



I just found this in draft from a while ago in November. Not a wonder filled poem, just some words from the land of loss. I was inspired by some imbecile who writes apple pie poetry and says that we shouldn't cry when our loved ones pass, because apparently they really aren't gone at all!! Yes, apparently, they are still with us, and near - as our angels, apparently they are in the rainbows and butterflies and the pollen on our noses.. well when i look around dufus, i don't see my dad anywhere and i doubt i will anytime soon .. stupid fucktard poets who write candy floss Crap.. Capital C

You set the butterflies free into my night

Trying to make me feel better about my loss

You won me over with the butterflies

But I know he lives among the bees

(G)littering me with an army of words

No longer do we sit in the familiar chairs

Partaking in our morning tea ritual

Your sickly sweet candy is on the roadside poet

Your gasps and bleats cannot fill this cavern

Please don’t cry, it makes me uneasy

For my memories are forever young

And the ache in my heart is my master

And I am led once again to the old green chair

Far away from you and your apple pie smile


i miss you, a lot

Monday, 24 December 2007

Little Glitters

The exit was young, the entrance was old.
Three dark smiles clutch at shadows
in a land of new moon and whisper
heavy clouds are plummeting all over the place!

Time’s grace takes hold of a hand
that once held promise. Scores of balloons
released to navigate their way out from
the stings of haunting, from the need for air

When light forsook dusk, little glitters
lingered in the hearts of children

And what remains is a sparkle in the eye
of a child, who sees only trees in evergreen
and open roads, blind to folly; seizing faith
in wishes to bolster a colossal, jaded heart.

And dreams, timeless and tethered
lead them on.


Sunday, 16 December 2007

Close Your Eyes

In the middle

Of seventh heaven

And the deep blue sea

This is the defense

Of a hanging soul

A precarious

Tight rope walk

A drawn out night

Around a dying fire

Create the pain

And suffer in deserving

It’s a fading stage

Willing to change

It’s not enough

Under the burning sun

Everybody runs

Set us on fire!


sunrise of the soul

i'm not sure why, but this poem got 25 comments, Read of the Day and Andy's Sunrise of the Soul Award; strangely i feel proud of that, as i'm not big on awards and such. A big piece of the pieces of me in this poem i guess.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Double Boom

Take it away

away, take it

this is the pebble

the pebble in my shoe

there’s room for more

more madness and undone

trusts, more outrageous


driver, lose me before

I remember that I am lost

lost among the fishers of hate

yes, the night is young, carrions

and we have a party to (dis)grace

the almighty holder of stupors

has requested our attendance

we have shed our delayed skin

and our flesh doesn’t matter

any more, our spirit is

under the spell of chaos

and we have no baggage

don’t lick at me with a honey tongue

give me the resurrection sting of bees

maybe I’ll fall deeply in love

you may just be the last

take it away

away, take it