Saturday, 1 December 2007

Double Boom

Take it away

away, take it

this is the pebble

the pebble in my shoe

there’s room for more

more madness and undone

trusts, more outrageous


driver, lose me before

I remember that I am lost

lost among the fishers of hate

yes, the night is young, carrions

and we have a party to (dis)grace

the almighty holder of stupors

has requested our attendance

we have shed our delayed skin

and our flesh doesn’t matter

any more, our spirit is

under the spell of chaos

and we have no baggage

don’t lick at me with a honey tongue

give me the resurrection sting of bees

maybe I’ll fall deeply in love

you may just be the last

take it away

away, take it



Anonymous said...

the world is better off having your words in it, lily ... i've always felt that ... always!

Lily said...

~smiles at you~ thankU Childe, for your support and embrace of my words, and for loving all my darke bits, always :)

i'll be round when this fog lifts..