Sunday, 16 December 2007

Close Your Eyes

In the middle

Of seventh heaven

And the deep blue sea

This is the defense

Of a hanging soul

A precarious

Tight rope walk

A drawn out night

Around a dying fire

Create the pain

And suffer in deserving

It’s a fading stage

Willing to change

It’s not enough

Under the burning sun

Everybody runs

Set us on fire!


sunrise of the soul

i'm not sure why, but this poem got 25 comments, Read of the Day and Andy's Sunrise of the Soul Award; strangely i feel proud of that, as i'm not big on awards and such. A big piece of the pieces of me in this poem i guess.


American Underchilde said...

i like 'everybody runs'

short but i think it gives many things to think on...

Lily said...

many run my soldier.. many have ..but some stay, not many, but some.. (and i'm grateful that you do)

this is the heart of my 'poem'

'Willing to change
It’s not enough'

love, flame and thaw.......