Sunday, 30 May 2010

No Ordinary Breath (fresh from the abyss)

from the poem abyss for @Bodewadmi and @BeyondMeds (twitter)

No Ordinary Breath

I am not afraid
resurrections are like orbits
back to the beginning
past the grave, beyond death
Elysium fields have the prettiest flowers
and i breathe with the dark lords there
no ordinary breath

in exhale, i enter the beautiful worlds
swim warm oceans, travel the vast land
meet creatures of many kind
look, they include me

i escaped from a secret place
and felt providence push
green air into the lungs of destiny
carrying me, whispering
that i was born to be here
in the afterglow of supernovas
ride the comet tail whips
be free

we survived with love in our hearts
not killed or noosed or ripped away
sacred i hold
and worship with smile
love of love
and love itself...

~lily © 2007

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