Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lovender Bath

Lovender Bath
for @_stoicOne_ (twitter)

noise fills the room
as water fills my tub
i am ready

sweet almond oil and lavender
to nourish and scent

i peel off my cares and worries
they are a pile of clothes on the floor

i step in
the hot water
bites at my calves

the heat beckons me to immersion
i don't hesitate, i need this

i kneel, lower my head
feel the rising steam upon my face
stretching out my legs
falling, falling

heat and scent
seep into my every pore
i am silky

i feel the water love me
and i think of God
and my beloveds

poetry arrives and i reply
as it oozes from me
no paper or pen to capture
sacred it floats above me

i breath in steam straight
from the surface

sighs are propelled from my lungs
and more sighs and more and more
they too fill the room
the world has stopped

pushing my body down
i linger in a land where
sounds are muffled
and hearts beat strong

it reminds me
that indeed i am alive
and that peace can be found

lily © 2007

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