Tuesday, 4 August 2009

sounds of release

'Release' by Holly Friesen

you cannot give
what you never had
your soul caves in
your mind scrambles
for a shovel

release the sounds
send them on their merry way
back to the sorrow filled houses
where music lay still
as a graveside after the weeping

send them back to the carnivals
the smoky bars
the houses of shouting
the wanting
the wanting
the gaping mouths of need

beads of sweat
on my forehead
roll down my nose
drip onto my chest
i absorb them back
into my body


LilPecan said...

Beautiful. Vivid. Very lovely indeed.

AmyK said...

Send them back! Love this, solemn with a bit of hope.

Brenda Mantz said...

"as a graveside after the weeping"

such a strong image - it would have to be to stand out in such an amazing, amazing piece

Lily said...

thankU Lil, Amy & Brenda.. how good it feels when one finally finds a voice.. love you all very much! xo

Holly Friesen said...

Lily, how lovely to speak together! Thank-you for including the painting xx I love the dynamic between the visual and the written piece.

Lily said...

you're welcome my friend, i'm chuffed!! lol :)