Monday, 21 January 2008


so you want out
you want to get off
you want to stop
and stop, just stop
life is a whip my friend
and it won't stop
but you can take the lashes
and enjoy the pain
there is no other route
there is no other way
where to from here?
sucked back to the black hole
where everything we need
is out of reach, where we cry
and don't know why or even
care anymore, where all we
know is we feel love stirring
inside of us
and it aches and hurts
and we need someone to see it
truly see it
and let it love them
and to bathe in the cosmos of love
inside of us
but we are tired of the travail
and come up empty and hate filled
and try to soothe un-comfort-able hearts
and all we really want
is to take the wings
and let the compulsion
to let go
take us over..

1 comment:

Marcia M said...

Nice write. I love the layout of this.